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Biographie How to Effectively Clean Tiled Floors

Tiled floors are the most inexpensive and easiest type to maintain. As the result, it is a very popular option for kitchen floors in houses that are in hot and humid climates. Due to its low requirement for maintenance, tiled floors are often neglected until dirt, grease, and grime are too stubborn to be removed. At, we have come up with the best solutions to effectively clean the titled floor with a few simple steps.

Sweep the Floors

To start cleaning any type of floors, you always need to give it a clean sweep. Traditional broom and dust pan work sufficiently in removing debris on the large surface. However, if you have lots of tight corners, hard to reach spots, or spaces under the furniture, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner instead. However, not all machines that are suitable for hardwood floors or carpet floors can be used for titled surfaces. Make sure you compare vacuum cleaners to find the most appropriate one for your floor types. For example, a motorized brush roll can be detrimental for tiled floor with glazed coating because it might scratch the floor surface. On the other hand, quarry tiles are more forgiving in terms of scratching but hold dirt longer; hence, the best vacuum cleaner for this type of floor are ones with powerful suction and brush roll.

Spray Cleaning Solutions

You can use spray bottled cleaning solutions, or make your own solutions from vinegar or soap with water mixed to a 50-50 ratio. Some essential oils can be mixed into the solution to fight odor, or to combat mosquitoes and other insects. If you are not familiar with the floor materials, it is recommended that you spray test a small spot before proceeding to ensure that the cleaning solution does not harm the floor. The reason why you should only spray instead of pouring the solutions on the floor is that you want the floor to be damp instead of wet to avoid dirty water accumulating in the grout.

Scrub with Cleanser

Use a slightly damped microfiber mop to scrub the floor. For unglazed tiled floor, you can use a multi-function vacuum cleaner with a cleaning attachment such as a steam cleaner or mopping unit. This type of vacuum cleaner eliminates the need for purchasing separate cleaning machines. Experts recommend that you clean in small patches instead of cleaning in big strokes, going from the farthest part of the room to where you exit. Repeat the spraying and scrubbing process as many times as needed until the floor is free of dirt and debris.

Wipe the Floors

Finally, use a fresh dry microfiber pad to go over the entire tiled surface with plain water to remove any remaining soap or vinegar. Replace the pad when it gets a bit damp from the residual cleanser solution so it won’t spread the water marks around.

Let it Dry

Last but not least, give the floor at least a couple of hours to dry completely before walking on it again to avoid leaving stains and bringing in new dirt. To speed up the process, you can turn on fans or air conditioners. Remember not to open your doors or windows because the outside air might bring new dirt and dust into your home.

Final Notes

Floors take up the most space in your home, thus they need special care and maintenance. It is also extremely inconvenient and costly to replace them. Hence, a good cleaning and maintenance regime is not only crucial for your home’s environment but also for your pocket.


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